Where fishing comes first but don’t tell the wife!

Exmouth SAA is one of the oldest established sea angling clubs in the South west having a proud history stretching back 90 years, way back to November 1921. Indeed, our historic roots are recorded in the original minutes of the club’s very first meeting that read:

Exmouth Sea Angling Association

On Saturday November 26th 1921. The formation of the above Association was discussed and it was decided to approach the Dock Company with a view of ascertaining if they would permit the sole rights of fishing from the Pier and their premises……



Thus the ESAA was born and during the golden years of sea angling, went from strength to strength. While stocks lasted there were great fish catches too but as fish stocks dwindled, so too did many a club and the last two decades of the last century saw us hit our nadir. After spending much of the late 1990’s stuck in old ways and ‘floundering in the dark’ (pun intended) we dragged ourselves kicking and screaming into the modern world and it paid off. In recent years we have experienced a major renascence with numbers rocketing throughout the noughties, not least through us widely promoting our long-standing policy of optional catch and release: not a dead fish to be seen at ESAA events. At present we boast around 75 members and membership continues to grow.

Membership numbers aren’t everything of course and we strive to provide a quality service for all our members be they pleasure angler, total beginner, match fishermen or social member. Services include the website of course but members are also kept fully informed via our very popular monthly newsletter which keeps everyone up to date in a fun and lighthearted way. We have dozens of friendly and lighthearted competitions throughout the year, some with spot prizes and the occasional big money match. The club also runs a monthly league for those who fancy a local mid-week social with a little competition thrown in. Furthermore, we run an annual team league and specimen league and there’s loads of cups and trophies up for grabs, including several for our rapidly growing junior and ladies sections.

Finally, the members of the ESAA are the managers of the ESAA and everyone can be involved at our quarterly members’ meetings. As a club we need rules of course but we keep them to a bare minimum and focus on social fishing with a bit of competition thrown in while at the same time having a damned good laugh. You get all this for only £15 a year but as a new member you only pay £10 for the first year and Juniors pay a mere £2.50! Just click the membership form link or email us for more details. We are always open to new members, young and old, experienced or novice so If sea angling is your sport then the ESAA is where you need to be.

Be assured, a warm welcome awaits you at

Exmouth S.A.A.